daphnestoermer: Remember when? http://instagram.com/p/sgjM9uBUOz/

daphnestoermer: Remember when? http://instagram.com/p/sgjM9uBUOz/

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Re-living my fave Team Valdaya dance #’s : Cha Cha Cha, wk6.

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Anonymous said: Zendaya is wearing her "less drama, more music" sweatshirt in that studio pic "I just need a real love". Ooh, can't wait for her new album. While people are mired in DWTS bs, I love that Z is just forging ahead with blinders on to keep inane distractions away from her focus of her goals. Ooh so excited for her and for us!

I want new music!

Anonymous said: I'm all for Zendaya finding her real love! Damn, Z is giving me feels tonight! This is all about Z for me and no one else tbh.

I’m about Z finding herself recording some music that makes it’s way to my ears in the near future.


Anonymous said: Wanted to ask your opinion on Val and Janel's tweeting on Pretty Little Liars. I don't watch this show so no nothing about its fan base but it seems that Val has definitely jumped on board to drum up fans. Is there an unfair advantage being as they are both ABC shows with crossover fan bases? Wondered what you thought of this. I go back and forth about them making it to the finals because they have polarised so many fans with the showmance so using PPL might be helping with votes I guess.

I didn’t see the tweets, but it’s no different than using whatever edge the celeb has.  Jonathan/Allison were out doing press on Mean Girls appreciation day and things like that.  The PLL fans are basically Janel’s fanbase so it makes sense to suck up to them as best they can.  They are the ones that can keep them in the competition.  I also don’t think the demos for PLL and DWTS are that similar, so I doubt there is too much of a crossover.  I would think most of Janel’s fans that are watching DWTS are only watching DWTS for her anyway.  I think it’s very possible Janel’s fanbase will carry them to the finals.  I don’t think it’s very likely it’s enough to carry her to a win.



'DWTS' Week 6: Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani Go Wild as Our Correspondents

Leah is frikkin hilarious!!

Priceless! I LOVE Leah! I wish all interviews were this good! I’ve used up my quota of exclamation marks!! 😂😍

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Anonymous said: I agree with you about your tv editing comment. Yeah, V/JP's arc on DWTS is now totally in their hands. I don't believe TPTB are forcing them to do anything anymore. Both V/JP own this now and continue to do whatever they want without being prompted. What happened to Val? Few seasons down the road from now, is Val gonna say, "I can't look at s19 anymore. I got away from my authentic self. That's not me and what I aspire to be." Hhmmm, this season is just a wasted opportunity, imo

I don’t know.  For all we know Val will get further than we think and he can do as he chooses.  But I just hate the tired “editing” excuse that people have been trotting out on reality shows since the beginning of time.  If you don’t want something aired on the show, don’t do it in front of the camera.  DWTS is not a reality show where you have cameras following you all the time.  There are ways to have conversations and etc. off camera.

Anonymous said: Is Keo Motsepe still on DWTS? Is the show using him for the pro/bumper dances? If Z ever does DWTS all-stars (probably not in a million years) we know she'll only do it with Val. But should she, I'd like to see her dance with Keo tbh. Val is too short for Z in her heels which is the same that I see with Sadie and Mark. That's why Sadie has to wear those flats she's been wearing for few weeks now in her dances. But I do love Mark/Sadie together tho.

Keo is still there.  Admittedly I don’t pay any attention to any of the bumpers or anything like that so I can’t speak to how much they are using him, but he’s definitely there.


Zendaya | Radio Disney Music Awards JJJ Portraits (2014)

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