Anonymous said: We should all try to be respectful human beings and no one deserves to get hate period. Don't call someone a hypocrite for not liking someone they don't know when you yourself call someone else vile names you also don't know. Don't call someone else old because they like something but turn and say age is just a number for something you like. We all are or were hypocrites at one point. A thief is still a thief even if he does not get caught. This is directed at all of us myself included. Jane


Anonymous said: I'm putting this here because I know A lot of people follow you. Let's all just get along getting into wars with each other and trying to punish people will not change how these real life people live their lives. If you see something you don't like scroll past it. Due to tumblr some things show up in other tags due to names not because it's tagged and it's not intentional so please everybody just enjoy who you support and not turn this into mean girls; that's not how to support someone


dancingabc. @therealalfonsoribeiro has a special birthday wish for the #DWTS cast on #MyJamMonday 🎂 Happy birthday, Alfonso!

I love him!

Anonymous said: Some janelisky fans have been reporting valdaya videos to get them blocked and boasting about it. They must be very insecure about their "hawt" team to do that. Im getting tired of dwts and its fanwars tbh im too old for this crap lol

I have no idea if there is truth to this or not, but I don’t care.  I’m not getting involved in petty fanwars.   I care in the sense that I want my vids back, but that’s about it.  Considering lots of people enjoy those videos besides shippers, I don’t even understand why that would be a thing.  


The middle face is the best lol!  I give that face all the time.

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Anonymous said: Can we email or ask the user? Is there a way to get them unblocked?

The user has nothing to do with the blocks.  Besides other people have gotten their stuff blocked.

Anonymous said: FYI: I went on YouTube and I was still able to view Valdaya dances. The TribalGuyCouncil has their dances and others just have their dances but not complete rehearsal/dance/judges score/post dance interview packages like dancingwts09 did.

Yes, but I suspect if they started blocking elsewhere those will be gone soon too.

Anonymous said: Do you think the videos are being removed to try and get people to stop talking about valdaya? And more focus on v and jp?

No, DWTS doesn’t care that much about any one couple like that.

Anonymous said: Let's be real. Valdaya fans have a pattern of behavior that started with Kelly. Any female that Val may have a chance of being attracted to get bashed all called thirsty and inappropriate even though Val is usually just as flirty and in some cases the clear instigator. Heck, Kelly M was called thirsty for visiting DWTS during s16, even though she was consistently part of specials for DWTS before Val even joined the show. Then it was some random chicks. Then Jenna, now Janel. It's clear.

I’m really not in the mood for your shit.  Please fuck off.   Also way to stereotype and categorize a whole fanbase.  At the end of the day however Val finishes this season, it won’t have a thing to do with Z/V fans.  We don’t have that sort of power.   Besides, my inbox suggests otherwise if you think there is not a lot of Val hate out there.  I just don’t bother to post a lot of the shit I get.   Most of the hate I’ve gotten in the past few weeks is all directed at Val.