Anonymous said: I really like sadie and im loving mark with her they are a really good team ☺ i wouldnt be upset if she won ☺

I think she’s definitely finale bound.

Anonymous said: I hate this idea that if you dont like a dance that Val does for a week or if you are not feeling his partnership then you are a " bad " fan.

There are no bad fans.  Just do you and ignore everyone else.

Anonymous said: It kinds of amaze me that for the 3rd week in a row Mark and Sadie dances are the MOST watched by a mile on youtube (on 2 or 3 different channels ) despite them being low-balled with scores this week and last week. I thought that those jazz numbers would have received way more views than their VW. I certainly didnt expect Sadie to be this popular .

Yeah, I think people are underestimating Sadie’s fanbase and overall appeal.

Anonymous said: Hey do you know how many people will be in the finals this year ? 3 or 4 ? How many people did we have last year (didnt watch so IDK ) ? Anyways, it it is 3 people this year, then I think that it is going to be : Alfonso, Sadie and Bethany. However if it is 4 people this year, then I think that either Lea or Janel will make the cut with these 3.

I don’t know for sure, but it’s probably 4.  We’ve had 4 people in the finale since S16.

Anonymous said: That accesshollywood interview. I think Val did get a tattoo on his finger.


Yes he did. Now i was to know what it means because i am nosey like that lol 

Anonymous said: I'm curious to see Janel and Val's aproach for next week after they had perfect score and I hope she doesn't get fustrated if she doesn't get 40s every week I think the judges are harder on Alfonso because they know he is good, but he had 3 difficult dances on the first 3 weeks, I hope the jazz is a turning point and from there a smooth ride to the finals (hopefully they wont be the sock elimination, but we never know with dwts)

I think Alfonso will be fine.  I’m actually seeing a lot of sympathy out there for him because a lot of people think the judges are being nitpickier with him and holding him to higher standards and they felt he was underscored.  So as long as those people actually vote?

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that I completely agree with your post about how people nitpick Z's behavior. I thought I was the only one who felt that there was a double standard. It really drives me crazy sometimes.

Yeah, you know I get it to a degree.  I will speak up if Z does something that bugs me.  But I also do the same for Val.   Voicing opinions is fine.  I just don’t get how people can have issues with Z’s maturity levels and then never have a gripe with Val and the fam, who are far from bastions of maturity themselves.   You would think people would give more slack to the 18 year old, not the one who has literally been an adult for a decade.


Does anyone else think they cut the time for the dances? Call me crazy but for whatever reason all the dances feel so short. Val and Janel did amazing and you can tell she got so much better. I just feel like this season they are focusing on the props and the story more than…

It’s not even that the dances are shorter so much that they feel shorter because of the overuse of the troupe and extra dancers IMO.  In the old days a pairing danced, that’s it.  They might have messed about too much in the beginning, trademark Len, but you didn’t have 10 extra dancers on the stage with you to set the scene.  I think part of the reason things feel so short is it takes forever for the troupe dancers to get off the stage and for the actual dance between the couple to really start.

I swear sometimes the standards that some fans hold Z to are absolutely ridiculous.  They will nitpick everything she does to death, despite the fact that she’s barely 18 and still figuring herself out on the daily, but yet excuse far more immature behavior from people far older.  Or is it just that people who are male and hot get a pass?  

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Zendaya on set today with Trinitee’s friend Brooklyn-Bella (September 29, 2014) 


Zendaya on set today with Trinitee’s friend Brooklyn-Bella (September 29, 2014)