Same Kaz.
Actual Same.

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hahhahaha The whole fam is in on it. hahha  Poor Val. hahha


hahhahaha The whole fam is in on it. hahha  Poor Val. hahha

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radiodisney: @zendayamaree is up next with @candiceonrd! Hear all about how she is prepping for her #RDMA performance! There’s only 3 days until the #RDMAs!

Anonymous asked: She reposted the pic

I saw.  It’s not the first time she’s deleted pics and reposted later, but I have no idea why she does that.

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Anonymous asked: What comments were written that it had to be deleted??

Oh, I don’t know if that is why she deleted it.  I didn’t look at the comments.  That was just speculation.

Anonymous asked: Once Z does Sway she'll have real reason again to bring up Val at every interview, and I am here for it. Jane

Yes, it will give her a valid reason to talk about Val.  And once this season is over, I’m sure Val will reciprocate on his end.

"I still love ballroom dancing and.. especially with Val. So when I’m like.. I talk to them all the time. I’m texting Val non-stop anyway, so I’m like yeah.. heck yeah. I’ll do it. If there’s anybody in the world I’ll do it for it’s Val."

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DWTS Runner Up Zendaya On Plans to Hit the Ballroom with Val Again & Heading Out on Tour!

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