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Her crop top tho!😂


Her crop top tho!😂

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Anonymous said: Happy Labour day Zendyyyy. To all my fellow Valday-ers the same to you as well, also happy Z is no longer a minor so you don't have to hear it from the non shippers day. ENJOY THE DAY BOO BOOS. Jane

Same to you boo boo.

Anonymous said: Greasechick818 on youtube has coverage of Z's LA county fair concert gone wrong. It is worth the watch. She is so professional and sweet, and it shows when the power went out and she had to be quick to think on her feet.

I saw the footage, but thanks.  Yes, it’s cool that she did what she could for the fans.

Anonymous said: its not surprising val has said he has the best partner is it really lol she is probably the only one he has remotely heard of lmao

Actually I doubt that Val was at all familiar with her by name.  I’m sure he knew what PLL was since we know he’s somewhat obsessed with Shay, but Janel is not exactly a household name.

Anonymous said: Are you looking forward to dwts this season the only I know if true is Carlton the rest never heard of so I can not get into it

Not overly.  I’m excited for Alfonso/Witney.  I’m happy Val has a good partner.  I am happy Sharna is back and I’m happy to see Keo.  But the celebs?  Meh.

Anonymous said: Do you know if there ever was a ship that when this long and with so much new stuff about every day

I wouldn’t know.  I’m not generally a shipper.  In terms of DWTS, probably not.


Happy 18th birthday Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman | September 1st 1996

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