She’s on her way 🙌🙌🙌✈️✈️ #sway

Where do you guys think she is? Is she in a building or a car/train? It’s not a plane bc that’s a Walgreen’s across from her. Hahahaha!!! Gotta love Z- she’s plugging a sponsor, Sway, and DWM all in the same tweet. ;-) Business woman!!!

She was just spotted at LAX by several people, so I guess she was in a car on her way tot he airport.  So she’s not getting here until fairly late tonight.

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Anonymous said: You know men always say women are LATE then Alex must be one of us because he LATE on the Sway Video he did say in the morning that it would be release OH Alex !

Alex is running a little slow today.  Morning came and went.

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Anonymous said: I wonder if Z is trying to get all the albums out that HWR has set in her contract so she can get out of it and find another record company. But i feel that even if she is doing that she is not going to sacrafice the quiality of the matirial that she is putting out there and that is why she surrounds herself with all these talented people. It just seems that Bobby is more interested in her carreer than HWR.

Well, Bobby also has a personal stake in Z’s career as they have a personal relationship.  HWR doesn’t.  But I have zero clue in terms of the ins and outs of Z’s deal with HWR.

Anonymous said: Since that video of V/Z came out everything been on the DL and but we all know they talk everyday so go and Enjoy the show but keep us inform what going at Sway Jealous kding

I will, but I didn’t pay for a m&g.  I don’t have those kinds of funds.  Ha ha.  But let’s put it this way.  If I need to contact my close friends, I don’t do it via social media.  That’s the point of texting.

Anonymous said: Z admittedly said she will only have a small part In SWAY. She has already rehearsed a lot with Val in Oakland and LA. She will prob be in NYC Thursday or Friday morning in time for dress rehearsal. Also, I don't think she'll sing in SWAY unless you guys attending create a clamor in the audience and chant for her to sing impromptu lol.

I’m sure Z’s part isn’t huge, but the only time Z mentioned having a small part was way, way back before she even started rehearsing, so I don’t think she really knew anything.  Also originally she was supposed to do some sort of singing performance at Sway, but I have no idea if that is still in the cards.

Anonymous said: I really hope everyone enjoys sway who are lucky enough to be going . I personally think there has been a change in vz relationship and i dont mean a positive one so it will be interesting to see how people perceive it at sway. Its my opinion based on things ive seen heard and feel thats all í ½â˜º.

I plan to enjoy the show no matter what.  As for the rest, whatever floats your boat.  Since none of us see any part of their lives outside of what they let us see, nobody knows. 


Do you remember that time when Zendaya was so nervous before their first dance she didn’t remember that they had to do a bumper shot? ;-)

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